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How it Works Clubhouse

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How it Works Clubhouse


The Clubhouse Board of Trustees has voted to open the Clubhouse on Monday, September 21st to indoor meetings on a limited attendance basis with strict guidelines.  Attendance will be limited to 25 people with the lower level available for overflow to be managed by individual groups.  The Opening statement and guidelines are:


Covid-19 has given A. A. an opportunity to practice Tradition One, “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon A.A. unity,” in new and definitely challenging ways.  Amid this pandemic each of us is confronted with realizing Tradition One in greater depths than ever before.  Practicing social distancing and/or wearing masks is challenging for all of us.  But we must remember Dr. Bob’s words from his last talk, “Our Twelve Steps, when simmered down to the last, resolve themselves into the words “love” and “service.” We understand what love is, and we understand what service is. So, let's bear those two things in mind.”   We trust each group and member to embrace the spirit of Tradition One in following the Governor’s guidelines as we move forward through this pandemic.

Meeting Guidelines

  1. Face masks required!
  2. No more than 25 people on each level.
  3. No food or drinks will be available at the Clubhouse.
  4. Do not move the chairs.  They have been set up per the Board of Health’s direction.
  5. Each group must have masks and hand sanitizer
  6. available for attendees.
  7. The room MUST be sanitized after each meeting.  A fogger machine has been supplied by the Clubhouse for this purpose.  It can be found at the sink area.
  8. When smoking in the designated area outside please adhere to the Governor’s social distancing guidelines.
  9. Group Rent will remain the same.


The Board of Trustees

The following Groups are now meeting inside at the Clubhouse using the above guidelines:

AA Meetings:

Sunday - Together We Can OD
Monday-Friday - 6:30AM  AA Awakenings  OD
Tuesday - 7:00 PM Beginners Discussion
Wednesday - 7:00 PM Design for Living BB Discussion
Saturday - 7:00 PM Keep it Simple

Alanon Meetings:

Monday 12 Noon - First Things First Lunch Brunch Discussion


We ask that each group updates their contact information prior to beginning meetings.  Send Group name, day and time you previously met, and contact information to our new secretary, Anita D. at: howitworksclubhouse@gmail.com.

As a group, please review “Questions to Think About…” put out by the Area 30 Delegate.  You can find it here: https://aaemass.org/area30/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/DELEGATE-QUESTIONS-TO-THINK-ABOUT-REV..pdf

Visit the Clubhouse MEETING LIST page for additional information on meetings

Please find online resources available via the internet at  aa.org al-anon.org and aa-intergroup.org

For immediate assistance regarding the clubhouse, you may call or text 508-596-5021

Our mission:

To promote sobriety and encourage a happy, healthy, sober lifestyle.

Our vision is to create a safe and sober gathering place for fellowship and 12 step meetings.  This clubhouse provides a dedicated area specifically designed for AA and AlAnon meetings. 

TO MAKE A GENERAL DONATION, USE THE BUTTON BELOW (Purpose will display as DONATION)------------------------->


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For questions regarding the clubhouse, please email us at : howitworksclubhouse@gmail.com

The How it Works Clubhouse is a non-profit facility that provides space for AA and Al-Anon meetings. 

It is not necessary to be a Member of the clubhouse to attend a meeting.  

For more information on what membership is, visit the Clubhouse Membership page.

For AA related questions contact Central Service in Boston at  (617) 426-9444.

Additional reading on Clubhouses in AA:

This article was published in 1947 by Bill

Clubs in AA- Are They With Us to Stay?

The How It Works Clubhouse is:

1.  This facility is a meeting place for AA and AlAnon 12-step groups.

2.  It is a non-profit and is supported by rental fees, donations and clubhouse memberships.Clubhouse membership helps 

provide fellowship events and gatherings for our sober community.

3.  The operations and maintenance of the clubhouse is overseen by a volunteer-based member-elected Board of Trustees.

4.  The Clubhouse respects AA Twelve Traditions and abides by the AA Guidelines: Relationship Between AA and Clubs.

5.  This site is provided by the Board of Trustees of the How It Works Clubhouse and is intended to be a source of information about AA at the HIW Clubhouse.  This site is neither reviewed nor endorsed by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

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